So FRESH It Hurttttts!!

By Travis Carlson

So FRESH It Hurttttts!!

Fellow Swagaholics and future Swagaholics, 

Maybe you guys didn't notice (just kidding of course you did), but our November 1st shipment was out of this world with freshnesssss!!  Our Super Swag Bag contained that oh so sweet custom Ruthless Pod Bag, as well as those loader numbers so you can get the cred for those kills baby!!  And to top it all off, we threw in that exclusive Exalt "WIN WORLD CUP" team microfiber!  Of course, we didn't forget about that sticker game either!



Our plan here at the PB Swag Bag world headquarters, is to keep bringing you guys custom, exclusive products that you can only get from!!  December 1st shipment will be just as sick as the last!!

So don't miss out on another month!! Get signed up today!!