Questions & Answers

What is PB Swag Bag?

We are a monthly subscription service that provides our customers with fresh new paintball swag like headbands, microfibers, tank covers, squeegees, t-shirts, tech tools, stickers and more!

What brands do you work with?

You can expect to see swag from some of the top manufacturers in the industry like GI Sportz, Exalt, JT, Dye, HK Army, Empire, DLX Technologies, Virtue, Shocker Paintball, UNDR and many more!

Why should I subscribe to PB Swag Bag?

Well that's pretty obvious, to STAY FRESH!

When will I be charged and when will my items be shipped?

You will be charged as soon as you place an order with us and your first Swag Bag will ship out immediately. Your next charge will be on the 1st day of the following month and will continue to be on the 1st of every month after that until you decide to cancel.

Example: You place your first order on January 15th. Your card will be charged right away and your first Swag Bag will ship immediately. Your next charge will be on February 1st when we start shipping the February bags. After that you will not be charged again until March 1st when the March bags ship

Can I track my package?

Yes! You will get an e-mail notification informing you that your Swag Bag has shipped with the tracking information need to locate the package. Shipping within in the United States is free!

Do you ship internationally?

International shipping is available anywhere in the world and shipping fees will be calculated at checkout. International customers are responsible for paying any taxes, duties or import fees that may arise from their order. We will not allow a customer to return an item because they do not want to pay those fees.

Is there any obligation or can I cancel at anytime?

You can cancel at anytime you please and be the lamest person on the field. All we ask is that you cancel before the 1st of the month when the next round of Swag Bags are shipped. Once we have shipped your order for that month we cannot cancel that specific order

How do I cancel my subscription?

Just login to your PB Swag Bag account and easily manage your subscription anytime 24 hours a day!

Can I give a subscription as a gift?

Yes! Simply put the shipping address of who you want your Swag Bag shipped to as your shipping address

How come someone else received a different item, colorway, design, etc in their PB Swag Bag?

Not every PB Swag Bag is exactly the same each month. The only guarantee is that you’ll receive a retail value of at least $39.95 in your bag each month which always happens. Since this is a mystery subscription there can be slight variations from bag to bag which is part of the fun. Sometimes we will also pick random subscribers to receive an extra item as a prize or a bonus to keep things interesting. No matter what though you’ll always get at least your money's worth so make sure you stay subscribed to see what next month brings your way!

Why do I all of a sudden get mass stares and compliments on the field? 

Probably because you're the freshest guy on the field and everyone is wondering what made your swag points go through the roof!

What happens when my swag points go through the roof?

You will most likely get all 5 kills every point while doing a double back flip over the center 50 bunker!