January 1st 2019!!

By Clayton Du

January 1st 2019!!

Virtue, Virtue, Virtue and some Bunker King! 

This month is all about Virtue/Bunker King who pulled out all the stops and hooked it up! Since Virtue is awesome, and love's us so much, they gave us an amazing deal and we gladly passed that deal onto you guys!

3 items:
You got 2 of these items: Hat, gloves, or Beanie (combined retail value of $40)
Bunker King Custom Supreme Barrel Bag (retail value $12)
This right here is what most normal swag bags look like for a total retail value of $52 all for $37.95 shipped to your door!

3 Bonus items:
You also received 3 bonus items which could be a combo of the 3 of the same, 1 of each or 2 of one and 1 of the other... Who cares its FREE!!
-Rotor Soft Cycle
-9V Energy Batterie
-Sticky Finger Reg Grips

Normally we send out 3 items worth at least $37.95 retail value shipped directly to your door! Happy New Year with this SICK Virtue/Bunker King SwagBag with 3 awesome items and 3 bonus items!!

As always STAY FRESH
Mike & Travis