Houston Heat Pro Player Nico Yurp Hyde!!

By Andrew Randell

Houston Heat Pro Player Nico Yurp Hyde!!

Who is Nico Hyde? Where were you born, when did you start playing paintball?

I was born and raised Texan, who began playing local and scenario paintball when I was 13 years old. Played with a sniper 2 pump for those first three years, until I began competing and winning in the Houston Rookie 3-man league. My first national tournament was with -VcK- at Phoenix 2009. From there we worked our way into the Pro league in 2014, mostly with the same core group of guys. We disbanded after our first year in pro. Most of us moved to AC Dallas, where I competed with those guys for another two years. In 2017 I was invited to play with Houston Heat and the rest is history. 4 tournament wins, one World Cup win, and a 2018 season championship.

What's the best local field set up you have been to?

There are many things that make a field great. To me personally the communities around them are most important. Home will always be TXR Paintball, Twisted Paintball, Zone, and Xfactor Paintball park.

Is it true you have an apparel company?

Yes! I started Enjoy Paintball in February 2019. Inspired by other extreme sport communities, it’s the athletes who started the companies, created the media, and created the culture. Enjoy Paintball is an artistic endeavor creating merchandise promoting paintball that shares the love of the game across all styles of play.

Check out his company here -> https://enjoypaintball.com

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Check out Exalt Paintball here -> http://www.exaltpaintball.com